Planning Your Wedding

Feel free to utilized these resources for planning your big day. The better we are all on the same page the more fun we will have on your wedding day. We want the two of you to ENJOY every moment of the day and not stressing about timelines. Below is a link for a sample wedding day timeline and below that is an outline of how we plan photography throughout the day. Let us know if you have any questions. See you soon!

Photography Planning

Wedding Details

  • Idea time allotment - 45 minutes
  • Ideal time of day - Morning before or during bride preparation
  • Ideal location - Bridal suite or hotel suite
  • Shot List: Dress, Rings, Shoes, Garter, Bouquet, (Old, New, Borrowed, Blue), etc . . . 
  • *Note - please have details ready and together. There are times when the room is too crowded or simply unappealing and we have to capture detail pictures in a different area. This can take some time, but as you can see from the results, it's well worth the extra effort. :-)

Hair & Makeup

  • Idea time allotment - 45 minutes
  • Ideal time of day - morning or early efternoon
  • Ideal location - Bridal suite or hotel suit
  • Shot List: Makeup, Hair, Brunch, Candid Moments, Toasting
  • *Note - We like to head over to the Groom and Groomsmen after we capture what is necessary with makeup and hair. 

Groom & Groomsmen 

  • Ideal time allotment - 60 minutes
  • Ideal time of day - Early afternoon
  • Ideal location - Naturally lit location, home, hotel 
  • Shot List: Men's tie, shoes, socks, belt, cufflinks, candid moments, groom portrait, groom with groomsmen formal and casual, Groom with Groomsmen individual groomsmen
  • *Note: Having the men's preparation area close to where the bride will be will ensure that we are able to have the appropriate travel time and get the pictures and video necessary to tell your story. 

Bride Dressing

  • Ideal time allotment - 45 minutes
  • Ideal time of day - Shortly before the ceremony 
  • Ideal location - Naturally lit location, home, venue's bridal suite
  • Shot List: Bridal gown fastening (traditionally by Mother of bride), Mother and Bride, Bride portrait, Bride and bridesmaids formal and casual, Bride with individual bridesmaids
  • *Note: Right after prep is the best time for portraits because hair and makeup will be completely fresh

First Look

  • Ideal time allotment - 30 minutes
  • Ideal time of day - Morning or Early afternoon
  • Ideal location - Venue garden, special quiet area (Shaded areas with lots of natural light)
  • Shot list: Exchanging letters or special items, Bride and Groom reactions, Bride and Groom Portrait
  • *Note: During this time, the Bride and Groom can enjoy seeing each other for the first time on the wedding day. Even though the actual first look will only be 5-10 minutes, the rest of the time is spent on a few basic portraits and also allows the videographer to capture some alone moments. 

Ceremony Detail and Service

  • Ideal time allotment - 20-40 minutes
  • Ideal location - any ceremony venue
  • Ideal time of day - Mid to late afternoon
  • Shot List: Venue details, program, unity team, processional, first look, parents, speakers, minister, various casual pictures, kiss, recessional
  • *Note: Pease talk with the venue about their rules on flash photography and boundaries of where they prefer the photographer and videographers.  This will affect what we are able to capture depending on lighting and freedom of moving around. If we are recording audio we will most likely be attaching a lapel microphone to the groom moments before the start of the ceremony. 

Immediate Family

  • Ideal time allotment - 45 minutes
  • Ideal time of day - Post Ceremony
  • Ideal location - Outdoors of ceremony venue (preferred) or Indoors ceremony venue
  • Shot List: Minister, Flower Girl & Ring Bearer, Grandparents, Groom's Immediate Family, Bride's Immediate Family
  • *Note: Please designate a person on each side of the family who will be responsible for making sure family members are in the picture location after the ceremony and are ready for pictures. 

Wedding Party Photos

  • Ideal time allotment: 30 to 45 minutes
  • Ideal time of the day - After family photos
  • Ideal location - Outdoors and an off-site or on-site location
  • Shot List: Bride with Groomsmen, Groom with Bridesmaids, Wedding Party Formal and Casual, other fun creative shots
  • *Note: Wedding party photos should be around 30 minutes to an hour depending on travel and the number in the wedding party. We start off with basic shots, and then we move into a set of fun and creative shots. 


Couples Session

  • Ideal time allotment - 45 minutes
  • Ideal time of day - Sunset!! Late afternoon
  • Ideal Location - Outdoors, Scenic Settings, Sun Behind
  • Shot List: Bride and Groom Portraits
  • *Note: Sunset, Sunset, Sunset!! 

Reception Detail and Venue

  • Ideal time allotment - 30 minutes
  • Ideal time of day - Early Evening
  • Ideal location - Your Reception Venue
  • Shot list: Venue, Guest Book, Tables, Decorations, Gift Table, Cake, Any other special detail


  • Ideal time allotment - Remainder of contracted hours
  • Ideal time of day - Evening
  • Ideal location - Your Reception Venue
  • Shot list: Arrival, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Speeches, Garter and Bouquet Toss, First Dances, Dancing, Special Send-off if your having one.