Thank you so much for trusting in us to help expand the Urban Farmgirl brand into the world of e-Commerce!! 

We are so excited to be a part of this journey and our mission is to create an amazing shopping experience for your customers as well as an easy-to-use inventory management system for your business. This inventory system will not only track product sales but it also comes equipped with a vast array of data points that will allow you TOTAL peace of mind as you journey through the growth phases of your business. Success is what we are after. 

Since we are primarily a creative studio we are so excited to create beautifully clean, bright, product images to represent the Urban Farmgirl brand. Collaborate with us as we continue to learn more about this branding style. Your input is so important to us. 

Here’s what services to expect from Palette of Light

UrbanFarmgirl Logo_Vert.png
New Logo_Branding.png


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Website & E-Commerce

  • Website Design 
  • E-Commerce Design and Shopify set up
  • Product Input and Inventory Management 
  • Website Maintenance and updates. 
  • Re-ordering of e-commerce Inventory

Photo & Video

  • Product Photography
  • Lifestyle Product Photography
  • Short product videos and possibly tutorials/unboxings 

Internal Network

  • To make sharing final images & videos easier for all departments, we would like to install a password protected shared hard drive that can be accessed within the Urban Farmgirl Network. Aaron can install.
  • Benefits to this include: (1) Accessibility to current and archived files and project templates. (2) Creating a approval system for graphics and other marketing media. For example: When Mary approves a graphic she would move that item to a folder called “approved for publishing” (3) A central storage for a master inventory list which includes vendor data.  (4) Any other information that needs to be shared and accessible can be stored here which means no more worrying about hunting down people for files. :-)