South Second Milwaukee WI Wedding | Aubrey & Colin

Aubrey & Colin got married at the lovely South Second in Milwaukee Wisconsin. That venue was a first for us and they did not disappoint. Colin and Aubrey had Disney weaved throughout their whole relationship story and wedding style. A wedding, including Disney elements, can quickly get cheesy. I would have to say that Aubrey and Colin did a wonderful job making their wedding design elegant and very memorable!

Colin and Aubrey were super fun and they were game for anything! One of the most memorable moments of the wedding day would have to be a surprise dance that Aubrey, sisters, and father did to One Direction. One direction has a very special place in their hearts! The couple also had a unique idea for their wedding favors. They made a donation to where they adopted their fur baby, in honor of everyone. sooo cute and thoughtful! Aubrey your ring is the most unique and beautiful thing! Great job colin! You guys are awesome and will have a beautiful marriage!

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