Backyard Wedding Bliss | Laura & Keaton

Have we ever mentioned how much we love backyard weddings?!?! Here at Palette of Light we absolutely love the exclusivity and personalization of a backyard wedding! Theres no venue that compares to the natural light of a white tent and the sunset glowing in from the tent posts. Our midwest unpredictable weather makes it a bit of a gamble to have an outdoor wedding. Although, It is well worth it in our opinion. You’d never know that it was pouring rain that morning and there were tornado watches in the evening! They had a perfect day!

Laura and Keaton are genuine souls. They were in the moment the whole day and we loooove that! Laura, your dress was the most unique and beautiful we have seen. Keaton, you looked dapper!

They chose to not have a wedding party but did take some photos with their guy and gal friends. I would recommend that to anyone! Their family\ friend group is amazingly supportive and their reception was unlike any other! They all know how to party! Chance Productions has had the privilege to Dj their family parties and he definitely knows how to work their crowd!

We wish you two many years of blessings!

Aaron & Lindsey | Palette of Light