Midway Village Museum Wedding, Rockford, IL, Jennifer + Nathan

Midway Village Museum Wedding, Rockford, IL, Jennifer + Nathan 

  • Hair and Makeup: Hair: Family friend, Makeup: Myself, South Beloit, IL

  • Florist:  Myself, Rockford, IL

  • Dress: Davids Bridal

  • Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Unionstation.com

  • Suits: Men's Warehouse

  • Caterer: Penguin, Rockford, IL

  • Cake:  Bride

  • Bar: Hoffman House, Rockford, IL

  • DJ: Celebration Sounds, Rockford, IL

  • Best memory from your wedding day? (Response from both Bride and Groom)

    A. Bride: I have 2 best memories: 
    1.Tying the knot in my ceremony, we had practiced and practiced and we were both so nervous, and I don't even remember thinking about it, were just did it, and it was beautiful. 
    2. When we were getting our couple shots done. We finally had a moment with each other, we could breathe, relax, and you guys made it so much fun! I'll never forget it!

    The moment I stopped worrying, the very second I saw Jen coming down the aisle, I was standing there nodding to everyone smiling at everyone coming in, and then I realized I could see over the tops of people's heads so I put my head down so I couldn't see her until she was at the front of the aisle, the music paused and there she was, there wasn't stress or anything, it was just a beautiful perfect moment where I realized I was going to have the most amazing person for the rest of my life and it was perfect.

  • Q. Where are your going on honeymoon? What are you most excited about? (Response from both Bride and Groom)

    A. We went to Galena IL we stayed in a cabin for 4 days

    We were both just excited for some time away together to unwind and relax and take it all it. It was THE BEST 4 days of our lives, we think about it often.

  • Q. What advice do you have for future brides and grooms? (Response from both Bride and Groom)

    A. Bride:
    TAKE YOUR TIME! There isn't a rush, I know you guys want to be married like tomorrow, but if you take your time and plan it TOGETHER and go through every detail, so you remember it forever and have no "But I wish I had's" Also, book your DJ and Photographer first right after your location! And don't forget to treasure the little moments, picking out flowers, your rings, it was all so beautiful, and made me love him even more. And don't forget!! In the end all that matters is you're getting married, don't let the stress and fights over silly details ruin or tarnish why you're doing all of that in the first place, they matter, they will be there when the flowers have died, the music is gone, all the guests are back at their homes. You'll have them, thats all that matters.

    Prepare for the unexpected on your wedding day, Groomsmen dropping out a few days before, flowers being thrown together. The important thing is to let it roll off your shoulders and enjoy the moment, years from now you won't remember most of the details, all you'll remember is the great time you had with the people you love. DONT FORGET TO HAVE FUN. It goes by so quickly, cherish it while you can.